Thursday, June 9, 2016


Dear blog followers,

Gina's spouse, Toba, here.  I know that Gina last posted in January; sadly, the fucking cancer got the upper hand, and Gina passed away on March 6.  Gina was an amazing person, as I am sure even those of you who did not know her were able to glean from her blog.  Her funeral, presided over by our friend Rabbi Barbara Penzner, was a moving, powerful testament to her life (attended by over 600 people).  If you are interested, you can read Rabbi Penzner's remarks, and the eulogies by former students, colleagues, our kids and me, at

Writing this blog, and knowing that many people all over the world were reading it, gave Gina an enormous amount of satisfaction as she dealt with this nasty disease.  I know the blog was a gift to many, and the fact that her words touched others was a gift to Gina.  May her words, and her memory, continue to be a blessing.


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