Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sorry, Californians!

I have been taking lots of long, hot showers lately. They just make me feel better. For most people who, like me, have basically as much water as we want, there's that critical point in the shower when you've washed, you've rinsed, and now it's time to get out. And yet you're still standing there under the hot, wonderful stream. For some people, the problem will be solved because the hot water will simply run out, and why ruin a great shower with a lukewarm finish? But for me, the only thing to get me out is either the clock - if I'm showering because I have somewhere to go - or my conscience. Don't waste water! Think of that ad with the fish who can't breathe out of water! (Oh, wait, I think that one's for asthma consciousness.) Think of what a big, bad, wasteful country you live in!  Usually that one gets me out.

Lately though, I've said "Fuck it." I figure that in a year I probably won't be showering at all. And no matter how long I live, in the end I'll use way less water than I ever thought I would. So, with apologies for my blatant overuse of the Earth's resources, I shall go on enjoying my too-too-long showers.


  1. Revel in that water, Gina. I'm so with you that leisurely showers are the absolutely most wonderful way to spend time. And they are an extravagance that feels so easy to take advantage of here in New England. I'm so glad that you can soak it up. xxoo

  2. I admire your level sensitivity to all of the Californians however, I think you can be a little selfish... Just remember "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" so how about I conserve for you and you can take as long of a shower as you want? Go for it, get pruney! 

  3. Long shower away, Gina! We'll make our showers shorter in our house to balance it out for the environment. Hey, I think we could organize "a short showers for Gina" movement among CDTers -- good for the environment and our beloved Rebbetzin! What do you think? Danielle